JUNE 1-5, 2021



Drag and Escapism
Tuesday, 1 June at 6:30 pm

Does drag provide a way for artists to inhabit another persona and escape from outdated gender roles? Or is it an outward embodiment of a true self? We are delighted to present a discussion on escapism and drag with Charity Kase and Rosie Zinfandel as the kick off to this year’s festival. This rousing conversation will be followed by a Q&A session with Charity and Rosie. 

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A Conversation with Artist Scout Roll
Wednesday, 2 June at 5:00 pm


Join us for a conversation with Scout Gibbons Roll. Scout is an American artist, painter and illustrator. For their work, they use crypto currency and NFTs in order to create a unique value and identity for each artwork they produce. Our conversation will explore the ways in which an artist can escape through their work, as well as how art itself can escape its traditional confines through the transition into a digital form. 

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Film Screening and Director Q&A: Paris Stalingrad by Hind Meddeb 
Thursday, 3 June at 8:00 pm

The University of Kent is proudly partnering with Lost in Frenchlation in the co-ordination of a film screening as part of the Paris Postgraduate Arts festival. ‘Paris-Stalingrad’ offers a powerful insight into modern day immigration and the hardships faced by those seeking to escape their circumstances and find refuge in Paris. It is the perfect choice for the festival's theme of Escapism, as it provides a multifaceted insight into the human rights struggles that exist for disenfranchised peoples on a global scale. It also provides an interesting comparison to the more romanticised versions of escapism we explore in our other events. We want to use this platform to bring the due attention to ‘Paris-Stalingrad’, whose themes are particularly relevant at this time.

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A Conversation with Author Yelena Moskovitch
Friday, 4 June at 6:00 pm

We are thrilled to host a conversation with Paris-based writer Yelena Moskovich. Yelena was born in Ukraine (former USSR) and immigrated to Wisconsin with her family as Jewish refugees in 1991. She studied theatre at Emerson College, Boston, and in France at the Lecoq School of Physical Theatre and Université Paris 8. She is the author of The Natashas and Virtuoso, which was longlisted for the Dylan Thomas Prize.


This discussion will include a reading from her upcoming book A Door Behind a Door, and will touch upon personal forms of escapism and ways to keep creative during lockdown. It will be followed by a Q&A about life, writing, and literature.

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The Menteur Launch
Saturday, 5 June at 7:00 pm (CET)


Come and discover what the students have been working on all year! The Menteur is a literary and arts magazine, founded in 2012, edited and produced annually by postgraduate students at the University of Kent's Paris School of Arts and Culture. 


This year’s edition, Art Rewired, features work that engages or challenges ideas/dichotomies of solitude and interconnectivity felt during the pandemic. How is a world pushing against social contact rewiring our definition of connection and collaboration? 


The virtual launch this year on Zoom will reveal the magazine for the first time and include performances of some of the pieces in this year's edition.

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The COVID-19 global pandemic has shattered life as we knew it. Through this destruction, the importance of our artistic values has been made clear. Art allows us to escape the repetition of the everyday. Art allows us to inhabit the spaces and bodies that reach beyond our wildest dreams. Art is a tool we can use to construct a new reality. 


It is time for us to join together as a community and rebuild our world—one that is no longer confined to a physical space. By dedicating a week to artistic endeavours centered around Escapism, we invite you to consider the role art plays in your conception of the world.  

Why not also check out our Escapism Playlist, carefully curated to match our festival theme. 


Alice May.jpg
Charlotte Tiltman.jpg
Quil Woodhouse.jpg

HI I'M ALICE! I'm a 27-year-old New Yorker in Paris studying for my MA in Film at Kent. I'm excited to be this year's Festival Director as I'm passionate about building a community through art. I hope to see you at some (or all!) of our events. 

HEY I'M CHARLOTTE! I'm 24 and studying for my film masters at the University of Kent in Paris. I've always been passionate about film and I worked in the industry after completing my film bachelors in London. I believe in the power of films to make a difference and that's why I'm super excited about co-curating this year's film screening for the postgraduate arts festival.

HELLO! I'M QUIL, a 23-year-old English lass studying in Paris for my Masters in Film Studies. My passion for film and all things creative has combined perfectly in this year’s Postgraduate festival and I am very proud to be working with such a wonderful team as the co-film curator with Charlotte. This year’s festival, while online, provides a wonderful chance to step away from your home and escape to Paris! Hope to see you there!

Neda Popova.jpg

MY NAME IS NEDA. I am 23 and I am currently doing the Creative Writing MA programme with the University of Kent in Paris. I am the English Literature & Creative Writing Event Co-Curator with Emily for the university’s Postgraduate Festival. The event creates an opportunity for us to connect with someone we admire and discuss topics like life, literature, and writing. Throughout the year we meet and learn from a variety of authors through their works. It is a privilege to organise a space in which we would be able to meet one of these authors in a more personal way and not only ask them questions, but also hear their answers.

Emily Nicholson 2.jpg

HI, MY NAME IS EMILY, I'm 23, studying my MA in English and American Literature and I'm one of the co-organisers for the Literature event. I'm excited to have the opportunity to speak with an author and engage with their work for the literature event. I am also looking forward to mediating questions from the audience so that we can explore the author's work and themes - like escapism - together. 

Noor Kleijweg.jpg

HI, I'M NOOR, a 24 year old Dutch girl currently doing an MA in Art History in Paris. For the Postgraduate Festival, I’m leading the Communications and Marketing, since I love planning, organizing and socializing! Therefore I really hope to see you all at one of our various events this year! 

Hana Szobonyova 2.jpg

MY NAME IS HANA and I currently study MA History and Philosophy of Art. I am the Art Curator for the festival which is very exciting role as it gives me many opportunities to work closely with artists, exploring their own way of escapism through the creative artistic work. 

Callum Burns 2-2.jpg

I’M CALLUM! I’m a 21 year old student studying my MA in Film at Kent in Paris. I’m part of the communications and marketing team this year for the festival and am looking forward to seeing you at the various events we have planned! 




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